brand ambassadors


Are you a lash artist who loves our products and brand? If so, becoming a Boss Babe Lash Studio Brand Ambassador may be the next step for you!

Boss Babe Lash Studio  is going viral and we want you to be on our team.

Become our official ambassador and get exclusive benefits!


As a Brand Ambassador for Boss Babe Lash Studio....

-Be given exclusive discounts and gift cards to shop all your Boss Babe Lash  favorites on our website-

-Be given commission opportunities, including but not limited to a personalized promotion code for you to post on your social media-

-Be invited to participate, represent, and/or perform lash services at trade shows and networking events-

-Be promoted in email marketing, social media, and on our website-

-Be the first to test new products and submit feedback-

-Appear in videos, photos, and marketing materials-

-Be provided free marketing materials and support for your business from the Boss Babe Lash Studio Founders and Staff-

-Be the first pick for Boss Babe Lash Studio Training opportunities-



To receive the benefits listed above. All Boss Babe Lash Studio BAs must uphold and fulfill their ambassador duties. We are selecting our ambassadors very carefully. It is important for us that you provide to your clients the highest quality lash treatments, following all lashing rules. Those duties include, but are not limited to, maintaining...

-An attitude of excitement about Boss Babe Lash Studio, the products, the brand, and the team-

-A professional image and reputation, in person and online-

-Active and updated social media profiles, including but not limited to, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat-

-Post 2-3 posts a week (your beautiful work, products, tips&tricks)-

-Promote BBLS and the products you love on your social media-

-Our team will review your social media accounts time to time to check if you are following the requirements-

-A consistent schedule of posting lash related material at least once a week on social media and using the hashtags, #Bossbabelashstudio and #BossbabelashesBA-

-A voice in our industry, encouraging fellow artists and students in Facebook lash forums, such as Boss Babe Lash Studio Culture . As well you will be expected to comment regularly on artists and other Boss Babe Lash Studio BAs Instagram posts-

-An exclusive relationship with Boss Babe Lash Studio and our products-

*** Please note the most important criteria is the quality of your work and level of professionalism. 


We believe in open communication and honesty at all times and expect prompt feedback when samples are sent out to our BAs for testing. We value our Brand Ambassadors and want them to feel at home in the Boss Babe Lash Studio Family. As part of the family, you can expect the support and feedback from us as well. If you want to join the family, apply to be a Boss Babe Lash Studio Brand Ambassador today!

To become an Boss Babe Lash Studio Ambassador please email our Ambassador Management Team via email at, please include a short description about your lash career so far, let us know where you are from, and send a link to your Instagram account! In your email, please tell us what your favorite Boss Babe Lashes product is and why you would like to become and Boss Babe Lash Studio Ambassador!

We can't wait to meet you!