BBL Lash Ruler

BBL Lash Ruler

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The Boss Babe Lashes Lash Ruler

What does The BBL Lash Ruler do?

The ruler has been designed for measuring the length of natural lashes for your clients natural . So you will not put the wrong length on their natural lashes. To help you understand better on measuring lashes. Always make sure that you're not extending by any more than one third.

• So for example, if the natural lash was 9mm, a third will be a 3mm. Therefore 9+3 = 12 so the longest lash you would ever use would be a 12mm length.

This was thought of in my lash class due to students continuously asking “How do we know exactly how long our clients lashes are?

This tool will help you to choose the correct length to use on your client minimising natural lash damage. Using the correct length at all times.

Thanks to all of my students!!
The first eyelash ruler in USA!

This is a disposable product.

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