Boss Babe Eyelash Extensions Kit

Boss Babe Eyelash Extensions Kit

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Salon Professional Mink Eyelash Extensions Kit. Good for beginners to advanced eyelash extension technicians. Enough products for approximately 60 applications. The Professional Travel case is lightweight Holographic wash pouch waterproof zipper carrying case yet durable measuring 8.3" x 5.2" x 4.2. For a list of all items included in this Boss kit please see below.

Boss Babe Lash Studio® offers this $349+ value for only $159.99 and up!


  1. Boss Babe Lash Studio® 1 Eyelash Extension Professional Travel case

  2. Boss Babe Lash Studio® 4 Trays of the most popular Salon Professional Synthetic Silk Mink Individual Single Strand Lashes: .15 8-15mm the mixed length in CC,C or B.

  3. Boss Babe Lash Studio® Eyelash Extension Relentless Adhesive Glue

  4. Boss Babe Lash Studio® Eyelash Extension Gel Glue Remover

  5. Boss Babe Lash Studio® Curved Tip Tweezer

  6. Boss Babe Lash Studio® Angular Tweezer

  7. Eyelash Extension Air Dryer

  8. Eyelash Cleansing Brush

  9. 2 Rolls of 3M Micropore Paper Adhesive Tape 1/2''

  10. Boss Babe Lash Studio® 4 Pairs of Eyelash Extension Lint Free Eye Gel Patches

  11. Boss Babe Lash Studio® 5 Eyelash Extension Lash Rulers

  12. 12 Disposable Eyelash Spoolies

  13. 12 Individual Disposable Lip wands Applicators

  14. 15 Glue Rings

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