Want To MASTER Classic Lashes ?

Want To MASTER Classic Lashes ?



30 Days to better classic lashes is just that!

This online video course is broken up into 4 weeks with a new video each week to build a new foundational technique. Each week builds upon the previous to give you a total of 30 Days of mastery.

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Topics Covered:

Learn proper direction

Learn How to lash map

Learn How to take correct pictures and the angles.

Learn Lengths/ wispy sets

Learn EyeShaping

Learn Manipulating the Eye/ Eye styles

What's Included:

4 Weekly Video Lessons: Each week a new video lesson will walk you through a new practice that you'll be mastering and building off the previous weeks.

Online Membership Portal: All video lessons and additional resources will be available to you in one easy-to-use location.

Lifetime Access: Watch and revisit each of the practice techniques as much as you want!

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